Labyrinth - Performance, Land Art Installation

Image, representation, figure, and likeness lend meaning to the body and turn it into a sign of meaning.

...a symbol is an object split in two. Two people guard each of the pieces: two owners, two debtors, two strangers, and two creatures. They will part for a long time. By drawing closer to each other these two pieces, they will discover how hospitality, debt and friendship bind them together.

Each symbol contains a piece of the sign that has been broken. The meaning of the symbol can be found in what is simultaneously a separation and a conjunction of its pieces. It presupposes a community that has been split and can reassemble itself. The symbol is much like a visibly seizable end, whose elusiveness is its other end. It drives the unconscious towards participation – in a passage from the known to the unknown, from the explained to the untold. The symbol fills in the site of our absence and indicates the form to which we return.