Zoom In

Collaboration with Violeta Vitanova and Stanislav Genadiev

The project started in 2010 with the working title (Re) flexible during residence in "Yazdovski Castle", Warsaw, Poland at the idea of ​​Violeta Vitanova and Stanislav Genadiev with artistic assistant Krasen Krastev. Link ...
A year later, is presented in the next stage of development in Dance Quarter, Vienna, Austria, in the space created by the visual artist Stephanie William. Link ...

Means of expression of the body are minimized. In focus is the "anonymous" part - the human back and its potential to create fantastic images. Spine and a medial pivot structure, its potential for making / implementation of flexion, extension, contraction and rotation. A single part - the back, is a particular choreographic language, creating travel investigating his own deformed and turned into an unusual visual experience.

Continued development of the project in collaboration with Venelin Shurelov that mechanized travel of the body in space. The installation is part of the latter, on which he worked, the series' SubHuman Entertainment. The author makes an unusual insight into the mechanisms and facilities used by the entertainment industry.

Zoom In Team

authors - Violeta Vitanova, Stanislav Genadiev, Venelin Shurelov
body - Violeta Vitanova
visual environment - Venelin Shurelov
technical realization - Borislav Tonev (Bucky)
video - Dilyan Bakalski
sound - Stanislav Genadiev

"Zoom In" is part of the "tri3avisim" - an initiative of the Guild of Contemporary Performing Arts (GSII) at UAB, which brings together professionals working in the field of contemporary dance, performance and installations. Since its first edition in 2009, up coming third in 2012, the project selects its conceptual framework for finding solutions to the dilemma "Independence - Dependence."

"Tri3avisim" 2012 is coordinated by the Cultural Foundation "A25". The project is implemented in partnership with Centre for Culture and Debate "Red House" and with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and the ETUD Foundation.

Photo Mihail Georgiev