I am entering the sfera and starting. I am choosing the way of pilgrim, the one who is making relations, by coming closer and going away. I chose the path for my home and steps for my cover. I am entering the thoughts and the world of unborn scarabey, the one who is born from endless effort in concentration, from the one who is caring with his feat huge sun weal. 

Person I: I need patience to walk, walk till I put one bell on each parallel till I start ringing symphony of my walking, silence somebody is reading.
Person II: I am walking and reading about balloons filled with helium.
Person III: My mind is playing with idea of flying, I am laughing laud. It is warm and pleasant inside, I am running, my shadow is driving in circles.
Person IV: I am smoking a pipe, movement inside the smoky ball, it s like the world across rainbow.
Person V: On the way I am meeting other walkers, exchanging laughs, looks, smiles, I am photographing.
Person VI: For a long time I am walking in my sfera, I feel lonely. Looking for guests and meeting them. What should I talk about?
Person`s I-VII: The sun is coming down, we are lighting a lamp, and warming trough city streets.

That is usual history, the history of different intonations of few metaphors. 
Performance VIA SPHERA is working with some of possible materializations and freeing them in to space, from architectural to open city spaces. 
In this poetical act seven persons are walking inside of transparent sfera, from the morning until dark, opening the space for contemplation, in the mind of spectator and in the mind of performer. 
Trying to define having in mind that this is dynamical object we are coming to definition of kinetic sculpture witch is transforming in environment for artistic activity, bringing together constructive moment with function - playing. 
This is the way witch does not want to change the world it wants to know it better ant to continue creation from the point it stopped. The creation of the world is still possible because the world is still in creation. 
I am entering the sfera and starting, I would like to swim away.